Round 10 – Essendon v Melbourne: WOW (not good)

Max Wiggins is probably still enduring the shock and humiliation of the Bombers’ upset loss to the lowly – lowliest – Melbourne.

The Cygnet, the Cat and the Goldfish

The Cygnet on the possible team lineation of his various pets [worth a look just to discover that a seemingly innocent pet is, in fact, mercilessly cannibalistic – Ed].

Susie Giese: The Facebook Interview

Susie Giese – Cat fan, aspiring sports journo and Power Rangers’ advocate – is interviewed by Phil Dimitriadis.

Round 9 – St Kilda v Sydney: A Dove Among Pigeons

Cobba Stevens braves a pro-St Kilda crowd to cheer on the Swans.

Sports of All Sorts

Anastasia Dimitriadis on her vast experiences in sport – shared with her Collingwood tragic father.

Round 8 – Port Adelaide v North Melbourne: Transmitting Defeat

Josh Barnstable can only watch on in horror as the Kangas pull off a remarkable defeat against Port.

Junior Footy Almanac Success Stories

A series of stories from the promising future of the Almanac.

Crowd Behaviour: Six Golden Rules

And on the seventh day, Michael Allan said, “Thou shalt enjoy the football without any dickheadery.”

Josh Barnstable: The Facebook Interview

Phil Dimitriadis’ interview with 14 year old Josh Barnstablev – North fan, philosopher and future sports journo.

My first running race

Charlotte recalls her first ever running race at the age of five.

Third time unlucky

After two premierships, it’s time for Joseph Walker to learn the lessons of being on the losing side of a grand final.

St Kilda Red pipped at the post by a point

Is momentum the most important factor of Aussie Rules at any level? Will Marcus’ Meadow become a long term game style? These questions, and more, arise as Joe Gillis casts his eye over a thrilling Under 12s epic.

Nallei Jerring – My Footy Story: Can a Kangaroo become a Bulldog?

Kelly Johnson has been a Roo-girl all her life so when she came to work at the Western Bulldogs she faced a big dilemma – and a Mum who made her feelings very clear.

[This is part of the My Footy Story series for Nallei Jerring (the Koorie Youth Program) at the Western Bulldogs – Ed]

Nallei Jerring – My Footy Story: John Harms

John Harms has always loved footy – from when he was a little kid. This is his footy story.

Nallei Jerring – My Footy Story: Kirsty Gosling

Kirsty Gosling was one of the young participants in last year’s Nallei Jerring at the Western Bulldogs. This is her footy story. Go Tiges!

The Age of Transition

Anna Pavlou marks the first year of the rest of her life with the ever dependable Cats.

The Footy Almanac Podcast – Episode 14

Journalist and author Warwick Green joins Matty Q, Stone Cold and JTH to chat about his friend Jim Stynes and their collaboration on My Journey, and how that biographical tome has been modified in an edition aimed at children. [Nice insights into Warwick’s footy and writing career, Jim’s life, and their friendship. Wonderful to be involved – thanks Warwick. JTH]

Dad Jokes, Geelong Cats and Footy Talk

Anna Pavlou, on her Dad, his jokes, and their world of [Geelong] football.

Footy Town in the Gap

Sasha Lennon celebrates The Gap Dragons’ footy club and the success of the annual round robin intra-club kids competition. He also thanks the Footy Almanac for getting behind the event.

Under 11B Grand Final: Flemington Colts v the Red Devils

Pour a cup of tea and settle in for a detailed and entertaining report of an utterly absorbing Under 11B Grand Final in Tarneit, featuring Marcus, Noah, Frank, Louis, Ayiu, Oliver, Felix, Kye, Macsen, Eddie, Rob and more.