Ivanhoe v Fitzroy Under 9-S: Rainy day thriller

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Co-captains: Theo and Paddy

Fitzroy Under 9-S v Ivanhoe
Ford Park
8th May 2016


by Theo Harms


Today we played footy on a rainy day. We played against Ivanhoe. We played at Ford Park. It was cloudy and gloomy and I thought “Why can’t we play at Etihad?” But it stopped raining for the start of the game.

I was the co-captain with Paddy. First we had to toss the coin and call ‘Heads’ because Paddy said ‘Heads always wins’.

It was heads. We chose the big goals. Everyone cheered but not very loud.

In the first quarter I was in defence. My opponent was number 14. Roman was in the same zone as me. Leeroy played well in the mid-field.

In the second quarter Leeroy, Seb, Gus and Henry were really good but everyone tried hard. We kicked 6 points in a row. We attacked a lot but kept missing the goal. We were on fire.

Third quarter: more points! Paddy was right near the ball but nobody handballed to him. The ball was flying everywhere.

In the fourth quarter everyone was excited because it was a very close game. Frankie kicked a great goal and I got my first ever kick in a real game. My kick went to Roman. But Ivanhoe kicked the winning goal.

It was Mother’s Day so we gave all the Mums a cup cake and when we were in the dressing rooms Paddy and me gave Keli some chocolates.

Awards: I got the Hyena Award (best caller outer).  Finn got the Cheetah Award (hardest runner).

We are getting better each week and I hope our song is true. (premiers we’ll be this year).


To see Richard Colyer’s photos from this match CLICK HERE.


  1. Jill Stoll says:

    Very well written Theo. Talented writer like your Dad. Great photo too. Love the sound of your game. Keep up the good work! Cheers, Auntie Jill

  2. Theo – great report. I never, ever, ever in my whole life won a Hyena award. Congratulations! Keep calling out and yelling out as hard as you can.

  3. Andrew Weiss says:

    Great report Theo and I totally agree with you that the Fitzroy U/9 team should play at Etihad when the weather is cloudy and gloomy. I think it would be an excellent curtain raiser before the AFL game. All the best for the reaminder of the season.

  4. Jane Greenwwood says:

    Now that’s what I call a report with flair. Good work, Theo – on the field and on the page. Utterly readable. (And I liked the cupcakes, too.) Looking forward to seeing you soon. Cheers. Jane G

  5. Robyn McKewen says:

    Gosh Theo, I reckon winning the best caller-outer award would make my day because it’s so important to keep encouraging your team mates!! From a Rugby League (Broncos) fan’s point of view, this is a great article! :) … From The Maccas in Queensland

  6. E.regnans says:

    G’day Theo – well played.
    I like your observations. The things you noticed.
    I reckon more people should cheer the toss of the coin.

  7. Meg Kossatz says:

    Great report Theo!!! What a match. Thanks also for the cupcake …. it was wonderful.

  8. Keli Symons says:

    Possibly the best match report ever. Great job number 5.

  9. Courtenay Moxon says:

    Great Match Report Theo and I reckon you’re right – we should have been playing under the roof at Etihad last Sunday!

  10. Well done Theo. Add writing a good match report to all your other achievements. A good team man who keeps on trying. Thanks for your report.

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