Jump and Climb

Today on the 13th of July  we went to jump and climb. IT WAS FUN, and anyone can go there but you have to be over two.

First you can jump. You only have one hour.

Then you can climb, I went on the hop to hop. It’s like steps. When you complete it you feel proud of yourself.

Plus jump and climb can help footballers. Do you know why? Well I do. First of all when they jump it helps their legs grow stronger. And climbing as well.


  1. Great stuff, Charlie.
    It really sounds like a lot of fun.

  2. Charlie,

    You’re on a roll with your writing. keep it up. what do you think about this week’s game? How on Earth is Sydney going to handle the mighty mustard pots? I think we will keep Franklin to 2-4 goals, Tippett will get none, our mid-field will break even with yours but our forwards will about 14 goals. That will be too many for you.



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