Preliminary Final – Hawthorn v Collingwood: When the Pies met the Hawks

Just two days out from leaving to America, Jessica Landy experiences one of the best days of her life as the Pies go through to the Grand Final.

The Taste of Summer

Anna Wilton on being determined to not waste a perfect summer’s day.

My First Footy Memory

Yihsan Richardson’s touching piece on the new experiences of going to the footy.

Round 13 – Fremantle v Essendon: Victory is Ours

Success in tennis and success in the West – Max Wiggins had a good weekend.

The Inescapable Game

Madeleine Kerr can see the forest from the trees – the outsider who understands the wonderful follies of being a one-eyed fan.


Creative writing by Jennifer Douglas on the feathered summertime warrior preying on soft humans.

Round 3 – North Melbourne v Geelong: A Different Tone of Blue

Self-confessed fence sitter Emily Leydin backs the right horse as the Kangas upset the Cats.

Breaking Dad’s Tag

Charley Gayfer on the biggest challenges faced pre-game – the quicksand of your Dad’s mates who “won’t be long” for a chat.

Both Extremes

A rare moment for Max Wiggins – tennis overrides AFL in his three day Association and Regional Championship competition.

Angus embraces Dreamtime

Angus J. Harms (recognise the name?) on Richmond’s Dreamtime loss and the gathering of the Harms tribe.

Danni Eid: The Interview

Collingwood fanatic and stylish writer Danni Eid is the latest in Phil Dimitriadis’ Junior Almanac interviews.

Write for the Junior Almanac

Calling all passionate young writers – kick start your career with the Junior Almanac!

Round 10 – Essendon v Melbourne: WOW (not good)

Max Wiggins is probably still enduring the shock and humiliation of the Bombers’ upset loss to the lowly – lowliest – Melbourne.

The Cygnet, the Cat and the Goldfish

The Cygnet on the possible team lineation of his various pets [worth a look just to discover that a seemingly innocent pet is, in fact, mercilessly cannibalistic – Ed].

Susie Giese: The Facebook Interview

Susie Giese – Cat fan, aspiring sports journo and Power Rangers’ advocate – is interviewed by Phil Dimitriadis.

Round 9 – St Kilda v Sydney: A Dove Among Pigeons

Cobba Stevens braves a pro-St Kilda crowd to cheer on the Swans.

Sports of All Sorts

Anastasia Dimitriadis on her vast experiences in sport – shared with her Collingwood tragic father.

Round 8 – Port Adelaide v North Melbourne: Transmitting Defeat

Josh Barnstable can only watch on in horror as the Kangas pull off a remarkable defeat against Port.

Junior Footy Almanac Success Stories

A series of stories from the promising future of the Almanac.

Making my Etihad Stadium debut

Kadin Holloway’s feet touch the hallowed turf at Etihad Stadium as part of the half time AusKick.