Parkville Netball Comp Spring U13E Round 1 – BNC Penguins v BNC Eagles: Hurricane

Parkville Netball Competition

Under 13 E
Brunswick Netball Club Penguins v Brunswick Netball Club Eagles


By Stephanie Wilson, BNC Penguin


We arrive at 12pm. It’s like driving in a hurricane. The wind whips dirt against our bare legs and into our eyes. We get through the turnstiles and into the State Netball and Hockey Centre.


Downstairs to meet the coach and wait for the rest of the team to arrive. When everyone’s there we go outside for a warm up. It’s a nice day but the wind is cold. We’re trying to do some passing drills but dirt and debris are in everyone’s eyes and no one is trying their hardest.


We go inside and the positions are read out. First quarter for me is GD. We’re early so we watch the last quarter of the game before us.

“I like that uniform,” says Eartha.

Finally, we’re on. Search for the GA of the other team. It’s game time.


Centre pass takes the ball to their end and despite mine and Ella’s attempts, a goal is scored. This continues. We get the ball once or twice but it is quickly lost.


I lose track of the score. BNC Eagles (or ‘blacks’ as the referees call them) are just scoring goal after goal after goal.


At least as GD I’m getting quite a bit of action. (Can’t say the same for our GS). First quarter ends and I’m now WD. WA of “blacks” is short but fast. I spend the whole time defending in their goal third.


Third quarter and I’m WD again. This time I’m against a tall girl who is quite good. We get the ball a bit and actually manage to score a goal or two, but their GA is also fanstastic.


Fourth quarter and I’m huffing and puffing. “What am I playing?” I ask and the answer is that I’m off. I sit down and watch as “blacks” get more goals. Not such a great start to the season.


The game ends and through orange slices and jelly snakes the word gets around that the final score was 13-4 to the BNC Eagles.


We head back to the car and drive home. Better luck next time.


A tree down over Brunswick Road on the way home.


  1. Jeanette Wilson says:

    Great story Steph, I could picture it all.
    There’ll be days like that. Ups and downs. But have fun trying. Go penguins!!!
    Granny xxx

  2. Nadeesha Dharmasiri says:

    I’m one of your dad’s friends and he said this your 1st to Junior Almanac. Great writing Stephanie. I really enjoyed reading it and keep it up, both netball and writing.!!!!!!


  3. Simon K says:

    Beautiful writing. Well done Steph. I really enjoyed reading your article. Keep up the great work.
    Simon K

  4. John Harms says:

    Great report Steph. I really got the feeling I was with you – both with the netball and with the hurricane. Tell your Dad he and his BOM mates need to provide us with better weather.

  5. Very nice report Steph. Get really fit (stops the huffing and puffing) and your team will score plenty of goals. Good luck.

  6. Jonathan Evans says:

    Nice writing Steph. I’ll show it to my kids and I’m sure they’ll be impressed. I enjoyed your description of the weather. Makes me remember why I don’t miss playing footy in winter anymore. Brrr!

  7. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says:

    Hey Stephanie, I’m glad to see that your coach is rotating you through many positions.

    I’ve followed my three daughters through 15+ years of playing. Think of netball as a gift for life. Embrace each moment, even the cold, wet, windy ones.

    And remember to cut your nails :)

    I loved this.

  8. Jude's gan says:

    Well done Steph….you nailed that report. I loved the descriptive energy of your work. Train hard and enjoy the contest and the friendships AND THE WRITING..

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