5 more BEPS stories: Maths Olympiad, a Morning, Camping, the Grand Canyon and Blackie

On Wednesday 8 June, students at Brunswick East Primary School were in the middle of celebrating “Literacy Week.” Here are some stories that students in Su Nei Cieli whipped up in about 20 minutes. The idea of the session was to think about stories, writing and how we share memories.



Maths Olympiad

by Rosie


The time of the Maths Olympiad had come around once again and unsurprisingly, I wasn’t in it. That Friday, Bec from Il Nido asked me the best question of my life:

“Would you like to do Maths Olympiad?” she asked.

“Yes!” I say, enthusiastically.

She gave me a note, and happy I was.


The first test came around, and I was very nervous!

It felt like a big achievement, I had gotten two right! (I was so close for the others).

Practice tests felt much easier than the real test. But felt very natural to me. Last Wednesday I was proud to say that I got 4 of 5 correct! It was a big achievement for me.




A morning in the life


by Sholto


I woke up and stayed in bed for five minutes then got out of bed and went down the stairs and a laid on the couch trying to wake up completely. I got up.






by Lola

I woke up early that morning. It was a cold morning. Usually I would stay in bed but today was different. I threw the covers off making me cold, so I quickly got dressed into warmer clothes. I found my bag and stuffed some clothes and drawing things into it.

A bit later a car pulled up in front of our house. I said good-bye to my parents and jumped into the car. Me and my friend talked most of the way to the camping ground.

When we got there me and my friend (Amelia) set up the tent we were going to share. Later on we played Frisbee with her little brother then we went shopping and dinner.




Grand Canyon

by Ella
We looked out the window and saw trees topped with snow soaring past us. It was very pretty; it’s something you would never see in Melbourne because of how low it is.

I was so excited to almost be at one of the natural wonders of the world.

“How long?” asked my brother.

“Just a few more minutes,” replied by Dad.

The few minutes felt like forever because I was so excited to get there. When we finally got there we couldn’t see the Grand Canyon yet but, we would soon.

We parked the car and opened the door stepping out. It was freezing. We knew it was going to be cold of course, so we packed big thick warm clothes to wear. But it was still freezing. I turned my head to look at the temperature (2 degrees Fahrenheit, which is –15 degrees Celcius).

We got out. The sun was going to start setting soon. I still hopped out of the car though, closely followed by my Mum. She was already completely in her gear. I just had to get a few things on.

When we were all ready we started walking up the icy path (it had been a snow storm the day before). Mum had warned us there might be black ice on the path (when ice melts then freezes up again). We were careful not to step in any black ice. There was snow all around us and trees covered in snow. It looked a lot like a cartoon.

When we started turning the corner we caught glimpses of the Grand Canyon but I couldn’t really catch it. We walked up to spot where a few people were standing. Then we saw it…


It was too amazing for words. No one could describe it. My Dad started clicking away like mad at the camera but I still don’t think the photo would catch all the beauty. There was snow on top. It looked like someone had sprinkled icing sugar on top.

The sun was starting to set and now it was even more amazing. I was starting to forget about the cold and just focus on the canyon – the Grand Canyon.

We took heaps of photos and came back the next day to see the sun rise. It really was amazing.




My cat Blackie

by James

When I was born Blackie was a young happy cat who was loving and caring. She was about nine years old.


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