5 more BEPS stories: Midnight Piggy, mourning a chicken, another YouTuber, scary 4-D movie and Taekwondo competition

On Wednesday 8 June, students at Brunswick East Primary School were in the middle of celebrating “Literacy Week.” Here are some stories that students in Su Nei Cieli whipped up in about 20 minutes. The idea of the session was to think about stories, writing and how we share memories.



Midnight Piggy finding a base


by Stephanie

Roman, Hugo and I were in Roman’s tent, making a plan. Together we are “Midnight Piggy.”

“If we sneak up there now,” I was saying, “they won’t be able to follow us.”

What did I mean by ‘up there’? Next to our campsite was a large hill with a forest of trees and ferns. We were going to make a base up there.

“Let’s go,” said Hugo.

We snuck out of the tent and up to the wire fence (meant to keep us out of the forest).

At that moment, Kyla came out of Hannah, Emi and Hugo’s tent. Isabel and Emi were right behind Kyla, and Hannah was behind them.

“Where are you guys going?” asked Kyla.

“We’re going to make our base, so no following!” Roman yelled.

“Well we’re going to make ours,” said Emi.

We went under the wire fence and into the forest.

HIKE (Hannah, Isabel, Kyla, Emi) followed us.

Hike went left, we went right.

We kept on walking until we came to a nice tree with low branches.

“This is good,” said Roman.

We decided to have this tree as our base.

“Ur.. guys, there’s a spider and some bullants on this tree,” said Hugo. We kept walking.

Soon we came to a nice enclosed space.

“There’s thorns growing in it!” said Hugo. We kept walking.

Then through the ferns we saw a perfect place.

It was a nice little area blocked off by bushes.

But, the problem was, there was no way in.

Hugo picked a stick off the ground. “I could hack through these ferns?” he said.

“OK, but me and Roman will go around the long way.”

So we set off around the ferns and trees in a wide arc.

We finally made it around. There was about two metres of ferns still to get through. Hugo also had about two metres, but he also had a stick. Anyway, he made it first. There were two tree stumps and a log to sit on. It was the perfect base.


The End.



Goodbye, chicken

by Leroy


My memory is about my chicken that died.

It all started when she wouldn’t come out for food and she died on Friday and I found her on Saturday. It was very tragic.




How I became a YouTuber

By Javier


Day 1 I got inspired by Sam to make YouTube videos and a made so many videos and a couple of years later I joined Noah’s channel and we became a bit popular then we got 34 subs and we made adcaps and Minecrafts and lots like that. Well that’s it.




First scary 4D movie

by Ayesha

I was really excited to go watch my first 4D movie. I didn’t know what kind of movie it was. I was only 7 when that happened.

I sat down on the seat ready to watch with my 4D glasses. The movie started in a very scary way. I was too scared to look at it so I closed my eyes.

When I came out, I was really scared and I wanted to go home, but a little while later I thought that “I should have watched the movie it wasn’t that scary.”






Taekwondo Competition

by Eleni

Early in the year of 2016 I was invited to compete in my first pumsae taekwondo competition. I am quite a low belt to be competing so I decided to do it.

On the day I went I realised I was the only pumisionist from the club. Other clubs had fifteen people competing. I had to wait three hours till I could perform in front of hundreds of people.

When I was performing I noticed how the scoring system worked. You start with six points and when you do something wrong you lose a certain amount of points. I ended with 5.30 points. YAY!

I didn’t win a medal, but I’m so happy.



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