AFL Preliminary Final – Hawthorn v Port Adelaide: In a tense finish, the mighty Hawks win the day

Thompson-Kaisha-age-8-300x225Hawthorn v Port Adelaide

by Kaisha Thompson (aged 8)


They start the action with Port Adelaide running through the banner, bold and brave.  Not many supporters but they scream very loud.  Next the Hawks run through the banner as if they know they’re going to win.  They have the most supporters, but will they win?


The national anthem is playing and every one of the players and supporters, Port Adelaide or Hawthorn feels proud to live in Australia.


Hawthorn won the toss and are playing at the city end.


The siren rings loudly 20 sec, 15 sec, 10 sec, 5 sec, 4,3,2,1 START.


Port Adelaide start with a point, then a goal.  No score for the Hawks and they’re favourites.  Hawthorn take a mark and it goes out.  The throw in comes and Sammy gets it.  Port takes at mark at 4.49 runs up, kicks, point – unlucky.  Hodgey gets a kick, he kicks the ball but Hawks miss it.  Another mark for Port right near their goal but only gets a point.   Roughead gets a kick. HAWKS 1st GOAL of the game!


Langford takes a mark.  Another goal for Hawks and they’re in the lead.  Free kick to Port Adelaide.  Mark to mark to mark.  BOOM.  Point to Port Adelaide.  Another point to Port.  Now a point to Hawks.  What is up with these points?  Hodge goes to kick, another point, jeez.  Goal to Port.  At least it wasn’t a point.  Another point for Hawks. 21.00 the scores are 15 Hawks to 17 Port.  Port got another mark then another point, then another.  EH all these points.  Another mark by Port and ANOTHER POINT!  URGH.  Now a goal, phew but by Port so not to my taste.  At the end of the quarter the scores are Hawks 15 Port Adelaide 27.  Port are in the lead by 12 points.


In the second quarter the Hawks passing is much better.  OOH it’s out.  Port get a kick.  Hawks take a mark. Port take the ball and get a mark.  Accusation for throwing goes against Hawthorn.  Grrrr.  Mark for Hawks.  Another mark for Hawks and a GOAL!  Port take the ball and get a mark.  Goal to Hawks and now they are just 1 point behind.  Suckling just kicked a goal for Hawks and now are in the lead.  Port take a mark and SCORE A GOAL and are now in the lead.  Another goal for Port.  Will they win?  Roughead kicked a goal but it wouldn’t have happened without Gunston.  Isaac Smith just kicked a goal gracefully but hard.  Kick to Langford and gets a mark. At 26.00 the scores are Hawthorn 45 Port Adelaide 40.  Port just took a point.  Roughead got a free kick and GOAL.  Hawks are now on 51.  YEAH.  Hawks take a mark, and another, almost a goal but just stopped by Port.  At the end of the 2nd quarter Hawks 51 Port 41.


It’s been a great half for both teams.  1st quarter Port were great.  2nd quarter Hawks were great. So I think they were both fabulous.


Hawks get tackled and Port surprisingly kick a goal.  Now Hodgey for Hawks kicks a goal just before the line.  WOOHOO!  And another from ROUGHEAD this day is getting better and better.  Another sweet sweet goal for the Hawks.  YES! Port kicked another goal from no. 6 and another.  Only 10 points between them.  Hawks a point and another point.  Hale kicks a great goal.  GO HAWKS. A point to Port.  Who will win?  NOT to my surprise ROUGHHEAD kicked a goal just before the siren.  The score is Hawkers 84 Port 61.  The pressure is getting to everyone, it could be anyone’s game.


Port have come back with an extraordinary goal in the first 2 minutes.  Hawks take a mark then it goes to Port but it shouldn’t of because Spangher got tackled but didn’t have it in his hands.  Point to Port, yikes.  Another wonderful goal from Hawk’s Isaac Smith.  Gunston GREAT GOAL another for Hawks.  Rough-head a point but oooh 36 from Port Adelaide was injured.  Goal for Port Adelaide BIG SHOCKER.  Mark leads to GOAL for Port and another goal to Port.  2 goals and Port could win….1 goal to Port 1 more to win.  URGHHH 1 point to Power, phew.  The siren goes.  HAWKS WIN.  Port was amazing but in the end Hawks came out on top.




The game was a close call, only 3 more points and Port Adelaide would have won. I for one loved the way both teams were awesome, they were graceful and were hard but fair.


The grand final next Saturday will be a tough match against the Swans with great players fighting great players, good players fighting good players. What will happen?  I think it will be Sydney to win but I would prefer them not to.

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