Round 7 – W Bulldogs v Fremantle: Young Dogs give Dockers a scare

Dylan Bolch, who is 14 years old, makes his Almanac debut capturing all the tension of the Bulldogs-Dockers game on Sunday. [Lively piece thanks Dylan – Ed]

Round 7 – Hawthorn v Melbourne: The Hawk Explosion

Junior Almanacker Louis Hodder makes his Footy Almanac debut with a very happy Hawks fan’s view of their ‘shellacking’ of Melbourne.

Confessions of an MCG Pie-Girl

After feeling the pressure to find a job, Bridget Schwerdt is employed at the MCG as a Pie-Girl. Here’s the story of the process and of her first sessions on the job when, possibly because of her mathematical skills, she is sent to become a Wiener Girl. [Very funny Bridget. We’ll be looking for you – Ed]

Junior Almanac – Mountain Biking: The Destruction of the Tadpole Trails

Last Monday I was invited to Woodleigh School, on the Peninsula, to be part of their English Week. This is a fantastic festival where the school celebrates words and language. I competed workshops with groups from Year 7,8,9 and also a special Activities group which involved the Almanac’s very own Max Wiggins and his twin [Read more]

Junior Almanac – Dancing: The Hidden Language of the Soul

Erin Douglas-O’Loughlin, who dances for madness [An impressively mature, expressive piece – as a great man once said, “How can someone so young sing these words?” – Ed].

Junior Almanac – Skateboarding: Lessons Learnt at the Naz

Jack Regan heads to the Naz, gets a few tips from an old hand, and nails a new move or two. [Great use of the lingo Jack – Ed]

Junior Almanac Footy: “Hey, I should be doing something”

One day Sam Colquhoun said, “Hey I should be doing something.” So he took up footy and joined the Mt Eliza Mounties. And now he’s having a ball.

Big Bash 2014/15 – Melbourne Stars v Melbourne Renegades: Who Will Rule Melbourne?

Ben Myatt writes about last summer’s BBL Melbourne derby which was decided on the last ball of the night.

VAFA – Fitzroy v St Bede’s: An unexpected good win to the Roys

Young Louis Hodder starts the day with Auskick at the Brunswick Street Oval and finishes it cheering home the Roy Boys for an unexpected win. [You should get a swag and pitch a tent at the BSO Louis – Ed]

Grand Final 2014 – Hawthorn v Sydney: Upstairs Downstairs

Woodleigh student Tom Goldsmith revisits the 2014 Grand Final when he was given the red card for his noisy passion for his Hawkers.

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