Brunswick East Primary School – My memory: Collingwood (by Felix) and MCG (by Hugo)

Round 9 – Collingwood v Hawthorn


By Felix (Age 10)


First quarter: I’ve gone to my friend’s house for a sleepover. Together Connor and I are going to watch the game. Connor goes for Hawthorn and I go for Collingwood. The first quarter’s starting. Gotta go!


The Hawks have gone to a flying start tonight! Leading the pies 25-0 and we’re 18 minutes through the first quarter. God, if we keep going at this rate we’ll be absolutely demolished!



Jamie Elliott’s got a shot at goal after the siren! He’s… he’s… kicked it out-of-bounds on the full! Yikes! Better luck next time! Quarter time: 37-0 Hawthorn’s way.


Second quarter: starting the second quarter we get the first clearance… It’s Treloar! He’s run from the centre circle and kicked the goal from 58! On the full!


The second quarter’s over… At least it was better than the first quarter. It’s 63-33 Hawthorn’s way… We’re dead!


Third quarter: We’re coming into the third quarter and we’ve scored another goal out of the middle except this time it’s Pendles! 45-64 they’re still winning but it’s getting tight! Another two goals! This is magnificent! 57-64. We’re within two kicks! C’mon the pies!


Three quarter time! Here come the pies! It’s 65-65! We’re in this!


Fourth quarter: We’re in the fourth quarter and I’ve got some real good self belief, Pies fans! WE’RE AHEAD! 81-72! That’s the way! We’re gonna finish this strongly! Pendles… Pendles… PENDLES! “That’s a captain’s goal!” the commentators say. That’s how you do it!


Full time.

Pies from the graveyard with the unwinnable. The Hawks fought hard but didn’t quite succeed. Well done to both teams. And… GO PIES!

97-72 Collingwood.





Round 18 Hawthorn v Sydney


By Hugo (Age 10, Grade 5)


It was a full house at the MCG on a Friday night. One of the two biggest rivals went head-to-head at a crucial time in the season.


Firstly, Sydney ran through the banner with the South Melbourne fans roaring at the top of their lungs. Next, Hawthorn came out with fans on their feet, cheering the team song.



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