Brunswick East Primary School – My memory: Gymnastics display day (by Kyla)

Gymnastics display day


By Kyla (Age 10)


We drive towards Kaygees gymnastics and I’m wondering what we’ll have to do. It’s very crowded so we can’t park in our usual spot but in the end we find a free space.


We walk inside and it’s chaos – everyone going everywhere.


Dad pays for him, mum, Grandma and Grandpa to come and watch. There are chairs and benches taking up about a quarter of the floor space and everyone is wandering around. Eventually one of the coaches asks everyone to take a seat.


All the classes line up facing the audience and a coach stands facing us. We do our warm ups and then we split off into our classes. Our coach for the day is Georgia and she has ginger hair and brown eyes. The other people in our class are: Steph, Ella, Charlie, Freddy, Isla and Lyra.


First we go over to bars while the other classes do other activities. Then we move to the floor. We do handstands and somersaults and whole bunch of other stuff. We are just about to do cartwheels (did I mention that Steph really, REALLY hates cartwheels?), when the whistle blows and we have to move to the next activity.

“Oh no, we didn’t get to do cartwheels!” says Georgia.

“Yes!” whispers Steph.

“Well, we will just do them on the vault then.”

“NO!” yells Steph.


We line up and when it’s Steph’s turn she does a strange twist, somersault thing and lands with a huge thump which makes everyone look at her. We then go to a beam, tumblemat* and the other trampoline


After that we all sit back down in our classes, facing the audience. Then everyone gets medals and the audience claps.


The end


P.S. Me, Steph and Charlie are the worst in the class.


*long trampoline


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  1. beautiful writing Kyla. I love the use of humour. Gymnastics sounds fun!

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