Brunswick East Primary School – My memory: My holiday (by Saskia) and Monty (by Emily)

My Holiday


By Saskia (Age 10)


Me and my family wake up early to make our flight. My parents call an Uber and we all grab our suitcases and wait outside.


Soon the Uber arrived and put out suitcases in the back of the car and got in. My cat tried to come as well! She jumped in the Uber when the door was open! We made sure she got out of the car but I knew I would miss her so much.


When we arrived in Queensland it was about 10 o’clock. We were in the Whitsundays! We got on a bus and soon arrived at our resort in Airlie Beach. Our hotel was on a hill. It was a pain to walk up but had an amazing view. Our hotel had three pools and a spa. The smallest pool was high and the edge of the pool was at the edge of the platform so you had an amazing view of the ocean. You could smell the salty air.


We went on a cruise that took us to Hamilton Island. It was amazing. There were nearly no cars – just golf buggies. Then we went to Whithaven beach. We stayed in Airlie Beach for six days and it was SO MUCH FUN. We did all that and so much more.







By Emily (Age 10)


Monty was lying outside with his scar showing. He was a beautiful golden retriever. Monty had had surgery on his left side. It was because of the cancer he had in his chest. I’d noticed the lump of cancer on his side as he walked through my legs; he loved to do that. Of course, as soon as I saw it I alerted Mum and Dad. We decided to get it checked at the vet. They told us it was cancer. He had to have surgery. After the surgery they told us that he was terminally ill.


I knew this was going to be my last opportunity to be with him alone. I grabbed his leash and attached it to his collar. I opened the back gate and stepped out. Suddenly I felt a rush of wind on my face. It was super-refreshing. I knew it must have been for Monty as well. I took him around the block; there were leaves whipping around us. Suddenly a cat leaped out in front of us. Even then he didn’t bark. Monty never did.


Back at home I left him in peace on his mat. Later that day I went outside to play with him. Monty was asleep. Gently I tried to shake him awake.


He never woke up.


The end.



About me:

I’m 10. In real life Monty belonged to a man who knew my Dad through work. He has a wife and children and they go away a lot. When they went away they would let us borrow Monty. My family were really close to Monty. He felt a bit like ours.




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