Brunswick East Primary School – My memory: My soccer (by Bromley) and My footy (by Connor)

My Soccer match


By Bromley


This was my first game back in seven weeks because I broke my hand and dislocated my finger weeks back. When I get out of the car, the grass is cold as well as the freezing breeze. I see my team and run over to them to warm up my legs – covered in goose bumps. Our coach tells us where everyone will be playing. I play right back and sure enough, I’m there again. The whistle is blown and we are starting with the ball.


Ten minutes into the game and the scores are still nil-nil. But wait, we’ve got the ball again. One pass, two passes – shoot. YES! We’ve scored. Just before the whistle. 1-0 our way at half time.


Okay it’s back on and they’re starting with the ball this time. It’s down on the side. I’ve got to get into the action.

NO! Two of them have got past me and one of them has chipped the ‘keeper and they scored. Our team is a bit sad. We are starting with the ball but they get it straight away and take a long shot. They score. We’re down now and our heads are down as well.


Suddenly it’s a corner for us. I get in to see if I can get a header in but one of their players gets the ball and kicks it out, so we have another corner. One of my teammates kicks it in. Some people would have thought that the ball went out. The referee didn’t.

One of their players comes over to me. I jump up and the ball hits my head and I score! It’s 2-2 now.


They start off and do a few passes and get past all of the players on my team except me. There are two of them and they chip the ‘keeper and score. The whistle blows and we lose.


The end.





Yarra Junior Football League Round 2


By Connor (Age 10)


It was a Sunday morning about 7am, when I got ready for my second footy game of the season. Last round we lost 180-0 to Beverly Hills. This round I was determined to get a win.


We arrived at Alfred Crescent half an hour early for warm ups. Most of my team had arrived and we started warm ups. It was about five minutes til we did the ball up. We found out our positions and put our hands in and said “Roy Boy Footy.”


The game started and both teams started hard. It was a good environment for footy but in the end we won. We lined up and both coaches said a few words and then we went into the rooms and started singing our club song. After two rounds we were one loss and one win.


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