Brunswick East Primary School – My memory: Swimming competition (by Lily) and Alone (by Delilah)

Swimming competition


By Lily (Age 10)


We arrive at the pool. It’s cold but the hot chocolate I drank keeps me warm.


We go in and start to warm up. Then we get into our bathers and start to warm up. Freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and then dolphin kick. We get out of the pool and smother ourselves in warm, dry towels.


The first older kids go. I start to get nervous. After a few more races they announce Under 10 year olds backstroke. That’s me. My friend Olive is racing me, too. They check our names and then we line up at the diving blocks. People ask you name so that they can time you. We jump into the water ready to swim.


3, 2, 1, GO!


We race away on our backs, swimming crazily. I come to the wall not knowing to do a tumble turn or not. Then when I realise you don’t, I quickly speed away in the other direction. I arrive back at the blocks and get out. I’m shaking with excitement. After a few more races they call out who won.  “…And Lily – third!” they call out on the loudspeaker. I shriek with happiness.


My next race I didn’t do so well. I started off with a bad dive and then got really tired on the way back. I ended up coming fourth in freestyle and Olive came third. We both went home with a ribbon and a smile on our faces.



About me:

Lily is 10 years old and loves swimming, tennis and dance.







Delilah (Age 10)


In movies you always see kids get lost or left alone and you think “that looks like fun!”


Take it from someone who knows; it isn’t.


Last year (a.k.a.2016), me and my friend Lilly were at our dance school. It was Thursday around six o’clock, and we were tired. We had just finished a jazz class and were waiting for someone to pick us up. We were used to getting picked up late. But fifteen minutes went past and we started to get suspicious. And after about an hour we started to worry.


Everyone had gone. It was dark and we were all alone. By now we were freaking out. Nothing like this had ever happened to us before. Another half an hour.


Then all of a sudden a white van pulled up. It was Lilly’s mum! On the way home Lilly’s mum explained that she thought my mum picked us up and my mum thought that she had picked us up. They got so worried that they started looking around my garden and were going to call the police. Then someone had the bright idea of looking at the dance school. What a day.



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