Brunswick East Primary School – My memory: The waves (by Hugo) and Europe (by Lois)

The Waves


By Hugo (Age 11)


The day started off great. The sun shone down through the open sunroof and the breeze was wonderful til we hopped out of the car. The sun was gone and the white fluffy clouds were replaced by grey dark clouds. My brother and I were unaware of the sign we walked past:

DANGER! Blue bottles!


A couple of minutes later we had our sunscreen on and we grabbed the boogy boards and ran out to the sea. We noticed that a family from next to our campsite was going down to the waves.


Behind me then suddenly my brother started crying. We took him down to the lifeguards. And that was the start of the day.







By Lois (Age 11)


We wait all day for our super duper long trip. As we pack our suitcases, I think to myself, I wonder what it will be like to visit different countries.


‘We all wait outside on our stony porch. The wind slowly sways through our hair while we wait for our taxi to come.


We finally get our maxi taxi on our concrete road. While the taxi driver slowly pulls up beside our house, we all quickly rush over for the taxi and put our bags near the boot. We all hop in as the big sliding doors get pulled shut. As the car drives along the road, past the blue, green, white and yellow house, we start to play eye spy.


After a while of taxi cruising, the driver finally drops us off at the airport. The weather is soooo much different at the airport; especially since I’m wearing a t-shirt. Our flight is at 11pm and I am SUPER tired.


We start walking over to the boarding area so we can get on the plane but I keep nodding because I am so tired. We first have to stop by Dubai – we will arrive there at 5:00 in the morning! After we go to Dubai we are going to LONDON!


It’s a 20 hour flight to London which is CRAZY! After London we take a train over to Paris, France. After France we are taking the Eurostar over to Poland!


In Poland we are going to Warsaw, Krakow and one other place but I don’t know what it’s called.

After Poland we are going to Barcelona, Spain. Then we are going to Italy! Yay!


We are going to Venice and then to Florence, then Rome! All of these places that I’ve said are freezing! The last places to finish off are Singapore (which is SO HOT!) and then Malaysia! The place in Malaysia is Lang-Kawi


After the six week holiday we finally arrive back home in Melbourne!



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