Brunswick East Primary School: This could be you

G’day to you, student of Brunswick East Primary School,

This could be your story.

Up here. Right here. 

Here are some examples.

All of them are MEMORIES.


First Kaisha Thompson, who wrote about the 2014 AFL Preliminary Final. This was a memory of hers. Hawthorn versus Port. She’s a Hawk. She was 8 years old at the time. She wrote about her memory, as a spectator.

Next, Charlie Dillow, who wrote about going to Jump and Climb. This is Charlie’s memory. He wrote about his memory as a player, or a participant. There are other examples of writing as a player. Fergus Anderson wrote about playing footy. Like Charlie, Fergus wrote of his memories as a player.

A third way to write about a memory is like a journalist, or a reporter.



We have looked at some sporting examples. You may have lots of sports memories.

Most of your memories are probably about other things.

What was your first memory? Do you play an instrument? Do you have a sibling? Do you have a pet? Have you been on a holiday? Have you ever had an adventure? Do you have a favourite game?

Writing a story can be about sharing your memories. Give your story an introduction, a middle body and a completion.

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