Brunswick v Fitzroy Under 9-S: A day of creative teamwork

Fitzroy v Brunswick


by Leeroy Cocco


In the 1st quarter: Great use of the handball by the whole team. Lots of talking and great shepherds. Roman had the most possessions for Fitzroy, which is good.


In the 2nd quarter: Two great goals by Gus to start the quarter. This was from excellent kicking by Roman and Seb. Then Gus twice handballed to players in better positions in front of goal, that resulted in a close point and goal.


In the 3rd quarter: Brunswick really defended well but we kept going with strong tackles and lots of handballs that got us another great goal by Joey.  Then Brunswick kicked a late goal  because our defence didn’t pick up their players as they should have.


In the 4th quarter: A great mark by Matt deep in defence to stop a Brunswick  goal early in the quarter.  Two fantastic tackles by Olive deep in defence. Ollie kicked a fantastic goal resulting from some tough work by Meg and Henry in the centre which helped move the ball to our forward line . A great tap out by Frankie to Henry who kicked it long to our forward line where Gus kicked goal of the year from the boundary line. Matt took another terrific mark deep in defence to stop a Brunswick goal.  This was Brunswick’s best quarter by far but our strong defence did well to stop them. The game was over and each team did very well.  Frankie won the best  player award.


The highlight of the day was Gus getting the goal from the boundary line .


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