Charlie Lands a Salmon

by Charlie Dillow


Saturday was a nice day; no wind, nothing, so when I got up  I decided to go fishing by myself. So off I went with blue bait and I took my two fishing rods as well.

When I got there I said to myself,” I won’t catch a fish, no way, but I will give it a shot.” I then put some blue bait on my new hooks and went down to the water to cast my rods. When I went in the water it was cold and I wanted to get out, but I needed to cast over the waves.

Later on as I was getting a couple of bites I said to myself, “no, that’s not bites, that’s just waves.” Twenty minutes later I was winding a rod in when I saw flashes in the water. “Yes, I’ve caught something!” Then as I got closer I discovered  it was a salmon. I’ll keep it and just use it for bait.

Later on I saw  fishermen coming down to the beach, so I said to  myself, “I’d better catch a big fish because I’m running out of bait, and I don’t know how to cut that  salmon up for bait.”

A short time later a strong side wash came in, my left line was over my right line. On my left rod I thought I was getting some bites. Thirty minutes later I said to myself, “I better wind up that rod.”

So as I was winding my rod in, I said to myself, “no, that’s not a fish,” then bang; “now that’s a fish.” My rod was not tight enough so I tightened it up, and it was a salmon 49cm long. When I caught that fish I was shocked by how I got it.

Thanks for reading my fishing report.

Charlie Dillow

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