Fitzroy Under 9-S v Brunswick: Banner Magic

There was great team spirit in the air, the long awaited debut of Dylan, from stats. man to No. 3 action man. Captain for the the day, the toss was won.

Anticipation was building, the boys were pumped, the banner was revealed and the pictures tells the story.

“Special thanks to the Banner maker Ethan and my Coach Keli.” Dylan

0710 bDSC_6094

0710 bDSC_9046

0710 bDSC_6108

0710 bDSC_9047

0710 bDSC_6115

0710 bDSC_9050

0710 bDSC_6116

0710 bDSC_6116a

0710 bDSC_6118

0710 bDSC_6120

0710 bDSC_6121

0710 bDSC_6122

0710 bDSC_6124

0710 bDSC_9051

0710 bDSC_6125

0710 bDSC_6133

0710 bDSC_6134

0710 bDSC_6097

0710 bDSC_6100

0710 bDSC_6091


  1. A beautiful gesture from a fantastic coach.

  2. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Ditto brilliant by the coach and team mates ( spot on Tony) how did the game go
    ( I am NOT asking re winning or losing just more info )

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