Fitzroy Under 13 Blue v Surrey Park: Rough and tumble at Ramsden Street

Round 4

Fitzroy JFC Under 13 Blue v Surrey Park

This week our correspondent is Quinn Doherty.
Today we hosted Surrey Park at our Ramsden Street home ground. After a night of heavy rain the clouds had started to dry up to just a light drizzle making the ground slow and the ball difficult slippery and difficulty to hold onto. It was great to see so many of our mums along today on Mothers Day to see the boys play.
Quarter 1 
Ethan was strong in the ruck despite being up against some very tall and strong opposition. Both teams struggled for clean marks in the wet and the going was tough. Pasqual was strong in getting down low and picking up helping the team move the ball toward to the goal line. Whilst we finished behind at the end the quarter we were still in the game.
Quarter 2
In quarter 2 we ran into the small breeze and kicked toward the car park end of the field. Teamwork was strong with the boys putting their bodies on the line and getting down to low to pick up rather then toe through. Lucas had a strong quarter playing on ball and setting himself for a goal midway through the quarter. Soren tackled well making sure that Surrey had to work hard to move the ball down field.
Quarter 3
In quarter 3 the toughness of the game was realised with the Roy’s sustaining a number of injuries. Ethan in the ruck took a knee to the head and Luca sustained injuries to his hands. Despite this the boys hung in there and continued to disrupt Surrey chances.
Quarter 4 
With the game slipping out of the reach of the Roy’s focus was on ensuring that Surrey had to earn each and every point. Strong plays by Louie N and Louie J made life hard for them and Kit sustained a cork to the thigh, the 3rd injury for the Roys in the game.
This ends the 4th round for the competition.
Thanks to Quinn for a great account of the game.
Final Score
Fitzroy           3-7-25
Surrey Park 9-13-68
The view from the boundary line
Surrey Park proved to be a strong and attacking opposition and jumped us early. Quarters 2 & 3 were the standouts where we tackled hard and were rewarded for the effort.  Another couple of quarters like that and the result would have been much closer than it was.
The focus points for this week were
Pick up a Man – at times we need to attack and leave our opponent, especially for Midfielders and Backline players once that piece of play is over it’s important to find your player and stick to him.
What we did well
– at the kickouts we managed a couple of strong marks as a result of following a player
Room for improvement
– spoil from behind or use a little body to push your opponent out of the way just before the ball arrives
– direct a team mate to pick up a loose player
Keep your Feet – this is a basic skill most of you have been practising since Auskick.  A player on the ground loses the ability to have an impact in the contest.
What we did well
– the effort was very solid with only a few losing your footing
Room for improvement
– lower your centre of gravity (swivel your hips and get your butt down close to the ground) Watch Louis J in action
Team First – Remember even Hawthorn coach Alistair Clarkson is not interested in his players winning Brownlow medals.  It’s about the team working together for a common goal, rather than individual goals.  If we all play our part it doesn’t matter who gets the credit because it’s a result for the team.  Only a team can win a team game.
What we did well
– honoured the lead (hopefully the first option) and kicked to a team mate
– the major scoring opportunities were the result of fast team play beginning with centre clearances
Room for improvement
– need to see more one percenters (shepherds, smothers, taps to advantage, consecutive efforts)
Following on from my last comment about the one percenters, it’s so often the little things in football which add up to great team play so here’s my list of the one percenters and little things I’d like you to think about this week as we wait to see what the league decides is the right level of the competition for our team.
– warming up – making sure your body is ready to twist, turn, run, bump, jump and you’re ready to get your hands dirty
– tackling low by watching the hips and wrapping up an opponent
– running hard – countless efforts of presenting and being first to the ball
– looking for a team mate – not kicking blindly over your shoulder
– kicking to space and chasing when there are no options to kick to
– making your action one for the team at every opportunity
– whether it’s a shepherd or simply telling someone he’s hot, we are all about the team
– being Loud early and direct (LED) with voices – give the ball carrier more than one option
– Knowing your abilities, playing to them and expanding them
– Improving yourself week after week – this is something every player has shown in the past 10 weeks
– holding your position when it’s needed – so essential to building a solid defence and also for forwards not getting caught out of position
– attacking the ball when it’s there to be had – football is a simple game you either have the ball or you don’t and if you want it you have to go and get it
– making a second and third effort – sometimes your first and second efforts don’t work, but persisting and continuing to try shows your determination and inspires your team mates to do the same
– sticking to team rules such as avoiding kicking across the face of goal when kicking from defence, minimising the opportunity for the opposition to score easily
– being responsible for guarding your opponent – just as relevant for forwards when the opposition has the ball in the forward line as it is over the rest of the field. Loose players create opportunities to quickly score

– never giving up – tirelessly chasing an opponent with the ball, putting pressure on him and tackling him

Finally here’s a link to the page Fundamental 550 for practicing the basics each week at home.

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