Fitzroy Under 13 Blue v Park Orchards: Big win for Quinn and his mates

Fitzroy Under 13 Blue v Park Orchards

by Ethan Orr


A nice sunny day down at Ramsden Street Oval a late game 1.00 PM.

Happy Birthday to Luca Crone and Pasqual. Wondering how would we go in the new league, black. The opposition, Park Orchards, very fierce looking.

Mentions: The WHOLE team

1st Quarter

We got off to a shaky start with Tom McNamara breaking his wrist when  a player punched him in the wrist. He left the ground in a splint made out of newspaper (Credit: Richard Blanch). We were a player down and now short a boundary umpire (Anna, Tom’s mum had to take him to the hospital). There were several offers from Gaby and others, but when Nick Dietrich a parent from the gold team was asked he was happy to step in until Kit’s dad took over. Funnily Tom met an old teammate, Jack Bourke in emergency with an unclassified leg injury. (Photo credits: Anna). Anyway we kicked 4 points not getting the scoreboard result that we would’ve liked.

Ethan Orr hospital

2nd Quarter

This Quarter our efforts were finally shown scoring three goals and one point to one point. With a few passages of play starting with the birthday boy Luca Crone to Luca Craven out of the back. Max running up and down the boundary roving all balls that came his way setting up goals and having a few shots for himself. Then there was Louis Nason and his generally excellent skills, dominating and sending everything into the forward line. Where the birthday boy Pasqual took possession, took on the game and slotted it through the middle leaving players behind him watching in awe.

3rd Quarter

The premiership quarter was what Michael called it and I agree. With the midfield all over the technique of the opposition ruckman, Everet used it to his advantage, soaring through the sky then tapping it to our advantage. The opposition wouldn’t dare to touch it if they did then Harry Shaw would rip them apart with his ferocious tackling. Because of it once again we were able to hit the scoreboard hard with three goals.

4th Quarter

During the break the team got a sniff of Ethan’s words of wisdom just revising, kicking on the 45-degree angle and shepherding your teammates. Soren, went out and did exactly that, kicking it on the 45-degree angle to Quinn who slotted it through the middle, a team goal and a team cheer with the mums going wild on the sidelines. The boys marched off loud and proud singing the song for the first time this year. Unlike Essendon we only sing it when we win😜😜. If the opposition hadn’t heard our song then, then they had plenty more chances, singing it two more times before heading home.

A well-deserved win.

Well done.

Ethan Under 13 team

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