Fitzroy Under 9-S v Ivanhoe: The Thunder Clash of Fitzroy Lions and Ivanhoe

By Frankie Donnini


Before the game

Everybody arrived at Alfred Crescent Oval.  Last time Ivanhoe were really tough.  It was like you were trying to beat a jet going 1000 km/hour in a running race.  I was in the mid with Jack (ruck), Roman, Dylan, Jasper, Leeroy, Matt and Gus.  In the back-line Joey, Luke, Seb, Oliver, Henry and Meg.  Last but not least the forward line Theo, Johnny, Finn, Josh, Olive and Paddy.  Before the game we trained HARD! Finn and Luke were captains today.  We wanted to win so bad.  We had won the last 3 games and it was our preliminary final.  The whole team ran out together on to the muddy, dirty ground, (Keli was meant to put John Cena music but she couldn’t find it.  “Daa dada daaa” etc).


1st quarter

Gus and I were on the bench for this smashing part of the game. Keli was talking to Jack and told him, “Jack this first quarter tap is the most important tap… GET HIM!” The whistle blew and the ball got thrown up and Jack demolished the tap.


0731 DSC_7301

Jack got the first tap of the game.


Roman grabbed the ball kicked it long into space, “Ground ball Roys ball!” I shouted.

Soon enough the ball had bounced into the forward line Josh ran bounced and then handballed it to himself, it was more like he was throwing a boomerang. He bounced again and it didn’t go back up to him. Luckily Paddy crashed the pack and grabbed on to the ball. He tried to get a goal but Johnny managed to score before in would become a point, “GOAL!” everybody screamed. Ivanhoe were running with the ball and then Henry came and snatched the ball but Ivanhoe still got a point. We were winning by 6 points, “at least,” I said to myself. At the end of the quarter, the scores were 2 goals 1 point, Fitzroy and 0 goals 1 point Ivanhoe.



2nd Quarter

I was ruck in this quarter, I was glad.  But I knew that the Ivanhoe ruckman was rucking all game and that he was really good, but I still got my first tap out, this time it went to Gus. He took the game on by doing the old fashion, DON’T ARGUE! And crashing the pack. Gus tried to kick it but the opposition (Ivanhoe) tackled him. Luckily Matt was there to get the ball and make it to the forward line. “Goal”, all thanks to Matt and Joey (who scored the goal). When it was about 7 min in the quarter, the Ivanhoe ruckman got the tap out and then they ran with the ball. But Oliver tackled them and it was holding the ball, he was like Joel Selwood. We were wining by 26 points.


0731 DSC_7499

It was important we won in the ruck. It was a great battle all day.


3rd Quarter

This quarter was the hardest one because Ivanhoe got the clearance really fast, made space and there were a lot of high tackles. The first ruck for this quarter they got the tap out and then they made space to make sure they would mark the ball. Then it went in to the forward line and they scored a really good goal. Next Oliver ran with the ball passed it to Gus.After a good decent run Gus tried to take the game on but Ivanhoe managed to make it holding the ball. When it was in the back line Ivanhoe smashed it through the big sticks. Finally this time I got the tap out then Henry ran and handballed like he always does and then Leeroy scored the final goal for the quarter. Again, I got a tap out of the circle in the middle. Gus, Ollie, Henry and Roman ran together like bullets, no one in front of them, so they grabbed the ball. Soon enough the siren sounded. We were winning but they won this quarter.


4th quarter

This time Jack and I took turns in rucking.  Jack went first so I reminded him about the 3 o clock methods that we did in training before the game. The other ruckman just stood there and let Jack tap the ball. Then Roman kicked the ball in to space I ran got the ball and gave it to Joey. Since Joey is a really good kick he put it strait through the middle. The Ivanhoe ruckman got the tap and it went to no one. Unfortunately Ivanhoe got the ball and kicked high into our back line. As it was high in the sky Seb was running backwards, he didn’t care if someone bashed into him, he is so strong… he marked it. Kicked it straight into Henry’s chest and into our forward line. Leeroy ran to the ball and bounced a couple times and then put the ball directly through the goals. We were winning by 19 points. “bbbbbbbbbrrrrrrrrwwwwwwww!” the siren sounded.


0731 DSC_7602


After the Game

After the game we all shook hands, lined up and. Leo from Ivanhoe got the certificate from Keli and Roman got his second medal from the other coach. Then we went into the rooms. When Keli was in we sang the song, “ We are the boys from old Fitzroy, we wear the colours maroon and blue. (Ooh ooh.) We will always fight for victory and we will always see it through. (What do we do) Win or lose, we do or die, and in defeat, we’ll always try. FITZROY (FITZROY),FITZROY (FITZROY.) The club we hold so dear. Premiers will be this year!”


By Frankie Donnini


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