Preston Bullants v Fitzroy Under 9-S: Roys go well again

photo FJFC Joey's jumper

Go Roys. Artwork: Joey Barnard.


Round 2

Fitzroy Under 9-S v Preston Bullants

by Joey Barnard (our ruckman and today’s co-captain)


The game was played at Preston City Oval against the Preston Bullants. Before the game the grass was dewy and there was a slight breeze with a bit of sunshine. Fitzroy lost the toss but still kicked the way we wanted to. Both teams lined up for one minute of silence as it was Anzac round.



For the first quarter, I lined up as ruckman, and always tapped to Roman. He roved beautifully causing many surges into attack. In the forward line Leeroy neatly handballed over the top to make a brilliant goal assist. A highlight in defence was where Matt got a handball from full back, sidestepped a player, dodged the next and then weaved through three more. You read correctly. He got past FIVE defenders. This was a great start with two goals for the Roys.



In this quarter Matt was moved by Keli to the forward line, which proved a good decision later in the game. Surprisingly, both teams struggled to score in this quarter. I may have missed a few things in this quarter as I got half knocked out from smothering the ball with my head.



This is the quarter where Matt’s move paid off. In this quarter there was an impressive amount of team work. The best goal of the game came when the ball got down to Matt in the pocket. Matt incredibly kicked a goal from where Eddie Betts would be proud of.



This is where another great goal was kicked.  The fourth was our highest scoring quarter, where we kicked several goals. In this quarter, Jack tapped to Roman, who weaved around a couple of players, then bombed from outside 30 into the forward line. It then sailed over many heads and went through for a goal.


The Roys kicked accurately in the midfield and passed a lot. We could improve by finding more space.

I am glad to wear the number 2, as Chris Johnson, a tough as nails backman for Fitzroy and Brisbane Lions wore it.

I was proud to be co-captain with Frankie and to earn an award for best team player.

I hope you are there to take on St Marys at Alfred Crescent next week.


By Joey Barnard # 2


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