Fitzroy Under 9-S v Parade St Damian’s: Roys Magnificent

Fitzroy v St Damian’s match report by Henry Nelson and Dylan Colyer


Last Sunday we had our last match for the season against St Damian’s. We had played St Damian’s in round 5 earlier in the season and they beat us by 7 goals even though we played well. But we have got a lot better since then so this was a chance to see how much.


Quarter 1

Frankie got the first tap but St Damian’s got the ball. They didn’t get too far as Seb tackled them straight away into the ground. This was a good sign and our mids got on top for the first quarter. Henry kept running with the ball, Jasper and Olive made good tackles and Roman got lots of kicks as he always does.

The ball went into the back line a few times but Gus, Matt, Jack and Dylan kept winning it at half back and kicked it back to the mids.

Josh and Ollie took some good marks in the forward line and Theo and Paddy were battling hard.

We ended up kicking three points and St Damian’s snuck through for a late goal


Quarter 2

Mid field were still on top and this time our forwards kicked heaps of goals.

Roman got the ball out of the centre and Leeroy marked on the goal line and kicked our first.

The mid field kept sending the ball forward. At one point Seb beats three players and kicks to Ollie. Henry continues to get the ball heaps and sends it forward, he’s the ultimate running machine.

The ball goes back to the centre and Frankie taps to Roman who gets it to Josh. Josh gave a great handball to Joey who got a goal. Joey gets another goal a few minutes later.  Finn & Jasper are in the packs again, passing it on to Leeroy and he’s off, passes to Josh and it’s another goal


Quarter 3

There were no oranges at half time and we came out a bit flat!

St Damian’s fired up and got on top in the midfield. Our backs were under heaps of pressure. St Damian’s kept on getting the taps in ruck and bombing it down to their forward line and getting it in deep, and when it’s in that position its almost impossible to get it out. Ollie, Matt and Dylan fought hard to prevent St Damian’s from scoring. In the end St Damian’s got 5 goals and a point but we still managed to get a goal. At three quarter time the scores were St Damians 7 goals and Fitzroy 5 goals.



Quarter 4

The mid field battle was pretty even but we managed to come back. We kicked another 3 goals and a point. Our back line did well and kept St Damians down to only 1 goal and 2 points. Frankie jumped high in the ruck and Ollie takes a good mark playing for the opposition and kicks long. Today we were tackling monsters and as soon as they got the ball we would wrap them up. There was a good bit of play where Jasper got the ball and kicked to Roman, to Leeroy and he passes to Joey who marks it and then kicks to Johnny and then kicks it through for a goal! The ball goes into our back line and Meg is there. She gathers the footy, side steps a few players and bombs it long into our midfield. We get the ball to Johnny and he kicks another.

The final scores were St Damians 8 goals 3 Fitzroy 8 goals 4 and we reckon we won by a point! We shook hands after the game and then sang the song:

We are the boys from old Fitzroy we wear the colours maroon and blue, we will always fight for victory we will always see it through, win lose do or die and in defeat we’ll always try, Fitzroy, Fitzroy, the club we hold so dear, premiers we’ll be this year!




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  1. Meg Kossatz says

    What a great game … and a fabulous report!!! Well done

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