Fitzroy Under 9-S v St Mary’s: A tight one

Round 3 v St Mary’s

at Alfred Crescent

by Meg and Oliver Orr


I was looking forward to playing St Mary’s because I (Meg) was in the midfield and co-captain (along with Matt).  It was a nice day but a bit windy.

It was a nice first quarter by the Roys because we kicked a super quick goal. I (Meg) think that Gus had a good quarter because he got the ball first. What is a ground ball called? “Roy’s ball!”

It was good being Captain, but quite hard. I liked saying “Three cheers for St Mary’s” at the end of the game.


In the third quarter I (Ollie) was in the ruck and I tapped it out to Henry and Henry kicked it into the forward line. Roman marked it and kicked it deep into the forward line and Johnny marked it and scored a goal. I think that St Mary’s is a really good team because they shared the ball and they had good sportsmanship.

The Roys played fantastic and St Mary’s is probably the best team we have ever played. The captains worked really well together. I (Ollie) learned not to bounce the ball when you are under pressure and just get the kick away. It was a good game.

Go Roys

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