Fitzroy Under 9-S v St Mary’s: The Roys click

by Jasper Symons



On Sunday The Fitzroy Lions played St. Mary’s at Alfred Crescent.

Keli told us to keep our feet.

In the first quarter we had to pass a lot, while in the middle the others teams mids and our mids went to one side (a lot) but Josh was on the other side side and kicked it down to the forwards and the forwards kicked lots of goals.

Gus marked and smashed the football.

Paddy marked and kicked, Leeroy booted it.  It mostly stayed in the forwards.

After half-time it mostly stayed in the forwards and mids.  Then Roman marked and booted the ball, Ollie was at the goals and trying to mark it, Henry marked and booted it.  Joey kicked it in the last  quarter and the game was won.

In the backs Jack saved a goal and kicked long and into open space.

And that was the match of Fitzroy versus St Mary’s.



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