Fitzroy Under 9-S v the rest of the Universe (at the Round Robin Carnival at Bulleen)

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by Jack De Araugo


Round Seven this week was a special round for two reasons:


  1. Round Robin Carnival with ‘every’ under 9’s team in YJFL
  2. Indigenous round, celebrating and honouring indigenous players in the AFL.


There were special awards this week and Keli asked us to think about 5 important words; endurance, tenacity, courage, loyalty and pride.


Game 1: Fitzroy S versus Park Orchards B


An exciting start with Fitzroy scoring the first goal after Roman sent a long kick from the midfield into our forward line which set up Ollie to run on and kick it straight through! We nearly had our second goal when Finn snapped for goal, but it was touched on the way through.


The second half was harder, but our defenders kept working and Johnny laid a strong tackle, but Park Orchards strong marking helped them kick a lot of goals in the second half.


Game 2: Fitzroy S versus Kew Comets


Leeroy was courageous after getting hurt in a tackle he then came back on and was able to get the ball into our forward line.  Our defenders had to work really hard in the second half and played a great game.


Game 3: Fitzroy S versus Kew Rovers


The third was a rough game.  We were tackled hard, but we showed our tenacity and courage and kept going even if we got knocked down.  I went in for a hard tackle and was kicked in the tummy and winded, but was able to get up for the fourth game.  Frankie got hurt and was going to miss the last game.  Keli was really encouraging at the end of the third game and told us to keep going!


Game 4: Fitzroy S versus Camberwell Sharks


Our last game was against ‘The Sharks’ whose team song talked about them ‘flying’ – but sharks can’t fly!  This was our best game! Henry played really well in defence.  Our forwards kicked goals, our midfield tackled hard and kept running, our defenders were strong and stopped the opposition scoring.  You’re all good and everyone contributed!

We had a special presentation at the end for the ‘Joe Johnson’ medal for the players who showed the most courage, tenacity, endurance, loyalty and pride.  The winners were – Leeroy and Henry with Gus not far behind! Well Done!!



See all of Richard Colyer’s photos from the carnival.

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