Footy: The 2010 AFL Grand Final (Carey)

by Ewin Campbell

My father, my brother and I all took the seven minute walk down to Willison train station. We were nervous but very, very excited. It was Grand Final day. Collingwood hadn’t won since 1990 and this year was ours, we could feel it. We got on the train, which was packed with St Kilda and Collingwood fans, all excited, talking about the game. We got off at Richmond and walked towards the MCG, picking up a five dollar footy record on the way. We got to our seats, listened to INXS sing, then we sang the national anthem and sat down excited and ready for the bounce. The first quarter was full of action and finished with Collingwood up by six points. The second quarter was all Collingwood, and at half-time we were up 55 – 26. Collingwood was looking like we were going to win it. Yet, in the third quarter, St Kilda were only down by 12. The fourth quarter was the most intense time in my life. It was back and forth, but St Kilda had the upper hand. St Kilda scored the 12 points and the game ended in a draw, 68 – 68. No word of a lie, I had pre-ordered a champions 2010 t-shirt at half time. Luckily that purchase was salvaged because we won the rematch, by around 50 points the next week.

Go Pies!

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