Grand Final 2014 – Hawthorn v Sydney: Upstairs Downstairs

by Tom Goldsmith


2014 Grand Final


As a Hawthorn supporter I was very nervous on the day of the 2014 Grand Final, and extremely superstitious. On the morning I was trying to remember what I had for breakfast the year before hoping that my methods would be enough to bring Hawthorn over the line.


In Hawthorn’s two previous premierships of the modern era they have only won when I watched it at my auntie’s house. And in 2012 I went to the game so that didn’t help with my confidence leading up to the game against the Swans either. So in repeating my exact steps up to the game as the previous years I preceded to attending my Aunties Grand Final Day lunch and broadcast. Due to my extreme passion for footy and my team I was asked nicely to go downstairs and watch it by myself so they didn’t have to put up with my ranting and raving.

Anyway, enough about my story, here is my take on the 2014 AFL Grand Final.

It was a lovely bounce on a beautiful day at the G as Dennis Cometti called it. Early on it looked a close contest and Sydney was on top for the start of the first quarter by kicking multiple goals and the first one of the game. But Hawthorn responded well in bringing it back to an even game multiple times and getting on top against the first goal momentum. Hawthorn’s outstanding tackling pressure contributed a lot to the scorecard with Hannebery looking to be the main target with a few hard hits at him I the first term. At the end of the first the Hawks were well on top after some good footy from the Swans but the floodgates were well and truly opened when it came to the second quarter. Then to end the premiership quarter Hodge gives Buddy a big sloppy kiss.


SYD 2.3.15

HAW 5.5.35


The first goal of the second went to the Swans with a good running goal but that was about it in the second for the Swans. About mid-way through Hawthorn got a couple of set shots to make it very difficult for the Swans but it didn’t stop there. Langford got a great running goal from the clearance then Hodge in goal square chest marked it and sent it into the Swans cheer squad. Then after a horrible kick in from Rohan Hodge intercepted the mark and sends another into the Swans army. The Swans had a good five minutes sneaking a couple of goals, which made me nervous. I was thinking is this record breaking come back that the commentators had been raving on about. Then just before the break Roughy kicked one from fifty to really hammer home the advantage. Which made me very comfortable down stairs at my auntie’s house.


SYD  5.3.33

HAW 11.9.75


It was a reasonably even start to the second half but it didn’t last long the Swans point of view. Rioli performed a magnificent smother on Tippet to split the Swans open, which led to a mark by Roughead a metre outside the square, which made it real difficult for the Swans and to add to that Gunston took a great grab on fifty and goaled from 55 to almost settle it and allow me to go back upstairs and be quiet. But my hopes were interrupted again by another five minute Sydney surge which looked promising but was sent back by a great snap from Suckling which was an emotional one for him due to the fact he missed last years Grand Final because of a knee re-co. Another few minutes ticked by every second horrible for Sydney but amazing for Hawthorn. Sydney sent one in deep which was stopped by Suckling and creatively he drop punted to Spangher who ran to 50 pushed by the aggravated Buddy Franklin which was a downfield free. It didn’t matter! Hill was on, running down the wing, not a Swan in sight then a great pass to Roughy 25 out who went back and pumped it home. Then an amazing goal when Langford dribbled it gun barrel straight over Grundy and he put his arms in the the Swans face asking how did I do that?


SYD  8.5.53

HAW  16.11.107


Then to absolutely kill all of Sydney’s hopes Breust drilled it home from the pocket. I started making my way upstairs to find people in absolute awe at the scoreline but I knew it was going to happen as soon as I entered that house. Then another to Hawthorn – Roughy from the exact pocket as Breust followed the trail that Breust left behind and made the one Sydney supporter at my Aunties want to cry. A few minutes ticked by again and I thought maybe Sydney had stopped the run of goals then out of nowhere Burgoyne thumped one home from 55 and I couldn’t help myself screaming and clapping I thought I might have to make my way downstairs again but I was welcome up with the big kids. After all it’s not every day your team wins the Grand Final by 10 goals. Once again there wasn’t a goal for a while but it was still enjoyable hearing the crowd cheer any time a Hawthorn player marked the ball or saw it over the boundary. Then Roughy kicked his fifth to start to see the Swans supporters heading to Richmond station. The Burgoyne from the same pocket as Breust and Roughy got their second and his in the middle of a big Hawthorn hug. Then there was just supporters on their feet for the last minute then, BUUURRRRRR!!!!!! YEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Hawthorn knocked the Swans out of the park.


SYD   11.8.74

HAW  21.11.137


So after this wonderful day Hawthorn are the victors by 63 points in an amazing performance at the MCG. Their game was boosted by the great grunt and pressure of the first quarter, which put Hawthorn and me in a comfortable position which was extended even more by the Norm Smith medallist and the runner up in Hodge and Langford.

Hawthorn Goal Scorers: Roughy 5, Breust and Langford 3 and Gunston, Hodge and Burgoyne 2.


Sydney Goal Scorers: Franklin 4, Goodes and Jack 2 and Tippet with 1.


Best: Langford, Hodge, Burgoyne, Lewis and Roughead


One More Thing GO THE HAWKERS!


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