Heidelberg Tigers v Fitzroy Under 9-S: Let there be mud

Fitzroy v Tigers

by Olive Nicholson


It was a muddy game and a tough game.

The highlight of the first quarter was our tough defence lead by Gus who did great saving marks and touches to save certain goals.

The coaches at the first break told us to play in front.

In the second quarter we had to play tough in defence again but couldn’t stop them scoring two goals. Great ball movement between Finn to Jasper and back to Finn. Great contested mark by Meg which saw the ball move to other teammates in the backline creating our first forward entry of the quarter.

Tough tackling in the third quarter. Beautiful play by Frankie to Johnny led to our first real scoring shot. Bad luck Ollie kicking it off the ground! That inspired the team work that saw Jack kick to Seb who marked in the goal square. Goal Fitzroy!

The coaches told us at three quarter time to kick more goals than them. We couldn’t quite manage it but tried hard. Great marks and play by Roman in the centre earnt him the medal. Well done Frankie and Finn for your great games too.

I learnt that we need to lead into space, play in front and let the footy do the talking to the other team but talk lots to my team.

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