Junior Almanac Basketball: Down to the wire (Carey)

 by Hayden Armstrong


It was Saturday afternoon when me and my friends in the Hawthorn Titans jump team. The court we were playing at had no air conditioning. We warmed up to get ready for the game. When we walked up to the full-size circle you could see how big the other team was and how intimidating. You could feel the tension between both teams.

When the ball went up I leaped like a frog to get the ball. The other team were amazed that I won the jump. My team scored a few goals and we were in front by 4 points. The other team came back a few points and then they were in front. I was working hard on trying to get intercepts. I was sweating like an alligator in water. It was half-time and we were down by 7 points. Our team had one person fouled off so we didn’t have any more subs.

It got down to the last 5 minutes and we were up by 3. That was a miracle but then I fouled someone and I was sent off the court for having too many fouls. So, my team was playing with four players and were up by 3 points. Then someone on their team scored a three and made it even.

Another one of our players fouled them inside the key. So, they had two shots with 10 seconds left. They missed the first shot but made the second one so they beat us by one point in the grand finale.

Some people were so disappointed they were crying. Some were just really disappointed. But it was a good game.

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