Junior Almanac Basketball: Up against it (Carey)

by King Wu (Grade 8)


It was two years ago now but I can still remember that game as clear as I can. It was the day when we beat the undefeated Bulleen 5 and won the grand final. I scored a total of 16 points. Out of that, two were 3-pointers and the rest were twos, but I missed three free throws.

The day was cold and we started with an outdoor warm up activity with free throws, lay ups and some threes for the power forward and the guards. When the warm up time was up, we walked into the game hall. There were many people sitting every, it was crowded. We saw our opposition walk in just after the referees entered the hall.

We did the cheering and off we went. I am the centre for the team so I do the jump ball. The opposition’s centre looks taller than me as well.  Everyone’s heart is beating 300 times per minute. And my heart is even faster, about 600.

There the ball goes, up in the air. I jump as high as I can, but the opposition still gets the jump ball, tipping it back to their small forward. They come up to the three-point line and pass it around to other players in their team. One guy called Hayden comes in and hits a lay-up. When we turn the ball over, my team-mate Nicholas – we call him Ti-Guy because he always Ti the ball. Like, he just goes up to a guy and grabs the ball off him.  And that was the first points we score.

I went off after 5 minutes. Our opposition was tough and fast, but luckily they were not accurate enough. When I was on the bench, I finally had time to look at the score, it was 19-23 their way.

Suddenly, my team-mate Josh runs into an opposition block. They are tough and Josh is down as he  has a broken bone in his hand. Everyone looks worried. Josh stands up and goes to the first aid room for further help with his injury.

I go on for Josh. The guy who injured Josh is just the same. I cannot believe it but he seems to be more energetic and engaged.

After half time, we psyched ourselves up a bit more and the score is 34-42 their way. But we all knew we could still win.  Most of the points for them were twos, so if we could block them outside the three-point line and get the rebound, we could win the game.

And we did that. That strategy worked well. We all tried our best and drove ourselves hard.

Finally, the score was 67-56 our way. We were super happy with this. After the game. We went to a really good Italian restaurant and spent the rest of the night having fun with our mates.


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