Junior Almanac – Dancing: The Hidden Language of the Soul

I could feel the adrenalin rush to my head, my heart was pounding as if I had just run a race – but for me, the race was just about to start.

As soon as I stepped out onto that stage, I was blinded by bright lights shining at me from all directions. Over the cheer of the audience, I could just make out the beat of the music, and I could feel my body start to move. First my toes, then my knees, my hips, then my arms, and finally my head started to dance. I flipped, turned, and twirled, as if I were actually face to face with the nutcracker himself. Suddenly, the world went black, no lights, no people, no cheering. It was just me and the music. I leaped and spun, and I felt like I had left the whole world behind me. I saw myself, back in the studio, practising for hours to get that pirouette right. I saw myself fall, time after time, and each time I got up and back on the beat as if nothing had ever happened. Suddenly, the music stopped, there was a loud cheer, and once again, I was blinded by the spotlights. The dance was over, and I was walking off stage, knowing that someone out in the audience wished they could dance like I just had.

Dancing is a wonderful sport involving co-ordination, timing, balance, flexibility, and both physical and mental strength. I have been dancing from a very young age, and each year I practise and practise to learn a dance, but let me tell you; it all pays off! Just imagine that feeling of moving to a piece of music, and letting the rest of the world fall behind. Dancing is a way to express yourself and your emotions, and a way to find yourself and lose yourself… all at the same time. Learn teamwork as you work with your classmates, become flexible enough to turn yourself into a human pretzel, be in time with your body and the beat, and learn to love another part of you. You can find many things deep within your soul that you never knew existed, and you can let out any emotions that haven’t quite caught up with life.

I am often asked why I dance, and I reply: “I dance for laughter, I dance for tears, I dance for madness, I dance for fears, I dance for hope, I dance for screams, we are the dancers – we create the dreams.”

Many people may disagree with that statement, but whether you agree or not, it doesn’t stop me from dancing. When someone asks what sports I play, I tell them I dance. Often, they will say that dance isn’t a sport, and I would reply, “No, dance isn’t just a sport, it’s a way of living.”

Dancing is a way to tell a story through the movements of your body. Imagine being up on that stage again, feeling all the long hours of training fly by in the time of a three-minute dance. All that hard work you put in, all the bobby pins and hairspray, the makeup and shoes. I have gone through countless leotards and pairs of shoes, but I know that they have all been worn doing what I love- dancing!

There are many different styles of dancing; Hip Hop, Contemporary, Jazz, Funk, Tap, ballet/classical, stretching, acrobatics, strengthening, and more. Not all styles may be for you, but try them out; and who knows, you might find a new hobby.

I can tell you many stories about my experience in dancing, but I don’t think I have enough time to sit here and type it all up for you. Just have a go at dancing, and let the world fall behind, because remember, never stop for the storm to pass, just learn to dance in the rain!


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John Harms is a writer, broadcaster, publisher, historian, speaker and teacher. He loves stories.

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