Junior Almanac Footy: “Hey, I should be doing something”

by Sam Colquhoun


I was 8 years old when, one  Sunday morning, just sitting there bored watching the TV, I thought to myself, “Hey, I should be doing something.”

So I decided to play U9 footy. That’s how I started my footy career, playing for the Mount Eliza Mounties.

Well I trained and trained and it was already time for my first game. It was against Frankston YCW at Jubilee Park and I played on the wing, I thought it was great we won by 80 points and it was the most fun I have ever had. So I kept on playing for the next two seasons U9s and U10s which was great but it only started to get real in U11s when we started scoring and tackling. We had a good season and finished second and then it was time for my first ever finals series. We had a second chance and that was lucky because we lost our first game by five points against Langwarrin, but we bounced straight back by beating Frankston YCW by about 30 points so we were into our first grand final.


I was getting so pumped that week but the match went nothing like I would have planned and we lost by 28 points which was disappointing, but it was a great experience. Well pre-season training went well and we were up and ready to go to U12’s.


Once again we had a consistent season finishing second again. But our finals season went horribly wrong getting done by Frankston YCW by 40 points in the first match and then got beaten by just 3 against the dolphins in the prelim.


Now I’m still playing for the U13 Mounties and we are 3-1 in the season and I am enjoying every moment of it.

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