Junior Almanac – Soccer: Stamford Bridge

by Zac Johnstone


In the 2015 Christmas holidays me and my family went to England and Kenya for a holiday.


The highlight of this holiday was going to see Chelsea FC play Watford FC at Stamford Bridge. I had been waiting to see a Chelsea game all my life and I was finally here at Stamford Bridge. Since the tickets had sold out we got a special deal, which meant we got a buffet before the game. The food was delicious. But we couldn’t stay for long since the game was about to start.


We hurried back out into the surging crowd of Chelsea hooligans. We pushed our way through the the crowd and made it to our gate. We found our seats just before the game was about to start.


Stamford Bridge was massive, even though its capacity is only 80,000 which is 20,000 less than the MCG. The stadium erupted as the referee blew the whistle. Chelsea scored the first goal in the 32nd minute by Diego Costa. Then Chelsea defender John Terry gave away a penalty which Watford’s Troy Deeney put into the back of the net. Half time came around and the scores were level at 1-1.


Me and my dad went inside the stadium to get something to eat. I couldn’t help noticing that there was a very, very strong smell of sour milk inside the stadium which wasn’t very good.


The second half was soon underway. Watford took the lead as Gary Cahill scored an own goal. The score was now 2-1. We thought it was all over but a few minutes later Diego Costa scored his second goal bringing the scores level once again. Then in the 80th minute Chelsea got a penalty. Oscar stepped up to take it but skied it over the crossbar. The last ten minutes were uneventful and the referee blew the final whistle, meaning the final score was 2-2 all. Not the best result but it was an overall great experience.


On the way out I went inside the merchandise store just to take a look around but ended up buying a Chelsea top.

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