Junior Almanac: ‘Yumoon Flat’ and ‘Super Fart Face Never Wins’

Yumoon_p2 Yumoon_p3 Yumoon_p4 Yumoon_p5 Yumoon_p6 superfart_p1 superfart_p2 superfart_p3 superfart_p4 superfart_p5 superfart_p6 superfart_p7 superfart_p8 superfart_p9G’day all,

Here are two stories. Buddy Oon (9-years-old at the time) and Buddy Yum (7-years-old) wrote stories for one another as Christmas presents. In our family we have a habit of writing stories for one another for birthdays – but this Christmas gift exchange came as a surprise to me.

The buds enjoyed earlier Junior Almanac posts. And so they agreed to this posting here.

Stephanie (Buddy Oon) wrote: Yumoon Flat

Kyla (Buddy Yum) wrote: Super Fart Face Never Wins


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