Junior footy – Under 12s: Roys home in a tight one

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Fergus Anderson goes back and slots one

By Fergus Anderson


Hi this is Fergus – #20 on the Fitzroy Under 12 Blues. You might be wondering why I am writing this week’s report for the game against Doncaster at Ramsden Street Oval. Well I was meant to be the water boy last Sunday (my name was pulled out of a hat for the job), and Keli, our team manager, asked me whether I wanted to also write the game report, which I thought was an awesome idea because when I grow up I think I want to be a sports journo. (*_*)


But on the day one of our team members was sick, so I also got to play, which is a win-win for me because I get to play and write the report!


We started the first quarter off confidently, we were defending well and we had some great plays – like when we ran off to the wing and crossed it in to score, (ok only a point, but we still scored).


We ran hard at the ball and our kicking was on target… but despite our efforts we had a setback – the other team scored a goal (bummer).


Our heads were down, yep we didn’t take it too well, but after the crowd cheered us on we went in harder and got the ball out of the centre and into our fifty, to score our first goal. We were back on track.


At quarter time the coaches were talking about the game plan and strategies like moving the ball fast and tackling the opposition hard and making sure we stay on our man – which all made sense.


We had the wind with us in the second quarter and I noticed that the opposition team had some really fast players – so we would definitely have to man-up and make sure we marked the ball hard and strong so it couldn’t be knocked out of our hands.


On the field it felt really windy. I knew we would have to run more than usual. The other team was tough. They kicked the ball so far and hard into their fifty, but our defence held up well.


In the last five minutes of the quarter we had a great play. Our team ran along the wing, kicking the ball so high our tall players could mark it, and even though the ball got punched out, our fast and nimble players were there to save the day by getting a quick kick to one of our open players who scored a goal for us.

It was half time and there were smiles on everyone’s face – we were in the lead. The coaches told us not to get too cocky, but I was feeling great. Everyone was talking about the game and how well we played but it wasn’t over.


The coaches called us over. Everyone was quiet. The coaches were telling us all the plays – like run harder at the ball, kick to space and make sure you mark it hard!


The umpire blew his whistle to start the third quarter and the ball went up. Everyone went in hard. The other team kicked into their fifty, they picked it up and scored, we were devastated how could this happen!


For the rest off that quarter we defended like our life depended on it.


The coaches were annoyed – they had a chat to us about what we needed to do, and I think it was one of the most inspirational speeches they have given us this year.


“3,2,1, Fitzroy!”


The fourth and final quarter had started and we were determined to win. The crowed was cheering us on – we had this!


Every time the opposition came down their end we would get it and run, run, run. There was ten minutes to go and the ball was in our fifty. The opposition were killing themselves to get it, but we had the edge.


The ball was bouncing, it got picked up and kicked in to the goal.

The crowed went wild, we were back in the game!


In the middle, the ruck went up. It was an excellent tap out to the centre, we picked it up kicking it into our fifty where we marked it. But it was too far out – so we kicked it in to the box and created a brilliant marking opportunity in front of goals. Goal! The crowed was amazed.


The final siren went, we all shook hands and went to the middle with the two teams.


Both coaches had great things to say and I will always remember how on this weekend, when the AFL was coming together in support of Adam Goodes and his fight against racism and bullying, how the coaches commended us all on playing our own footy match in the true spirit of the game.


Under 12s: Fitzroy Blues 4.4.28 defeated Doncaster 2.5.17

Fid more footy yarns at www.footyalmanac.com.au


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  1. Great story Fergus…we may have to find a role for you on our committee in the media area. Best wishes in the finals. The mighty Roys have now got 9 teams playing in the YJFL finals which start next Sunday and we hope to get the biggest and loudest crowds of supporters watching the Roys play in the finals over the next 3 weeks.

    Go Roys,
    FJFC President

  2. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Fergus well done remember tho the most important thing is having fun listening and learning not winning

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