Kate wins Gold!

Hi. This is Kate O’Donnell. I want to tell you about my swimming.

Last weekend I swam in the Special Olympics State Games. My Mum and Dad were there and of course, my brother Liam. My sister couldn’t go because she was doing other sport. Also my Grandma and Grandpa watched me swim on Sunday.

I saw my friend Harvey there too. Harvey does swimming in the boys’ races. It was awesome.

I came fourth in the 50 metres freestyle on Saturday (Kate swam in the F1 division in this race; the top division. She did extremely well). On Sunday I had four races. I was very tired at the end.

I got a bronze medal in the 50 metres backstroke and a bronze medal in the 100 metres freestyle. But, I got a gold medal in the 25 metres butterfly! OMG I was jumping for joy. Then, later in the day, I got another gold medal in the 4×50 metres relay. Our team won easily. It was very exciting.

I took my medals to school and guess what? On Tuesday at school assembly they gave me a certificate which said:

“Kate O’Donnell. Sports Star of the Week”. Yes this was awarded to me.

This is my last day of school today. On Thursday I am going camping to Stawell. It’s so much fun.


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