Live sport for the few, Judge Judy for the many

Foxtel has ruined my life. Well no not my actual life but my sporting life which still stinks.

Take the F1’s perhaps. The day the Malaysian Race was on I was in dismay, when looking at the TV guide and instead of seeing Formula 1 Malaysian Grand Prix, it said Judge Judy! Then my Dad told me “Oh didn’t I tell you, they’re only showing half of the races on free to air telly!”.

“And the other half are on Foxtel?” I asked, already knowing the answer, and sure enough: “Yep”.

Apoplectic with rage I went into my room and started screaming very rude things like @#$% and !&#% about Foxtel and whoever came up with that stupid idea.

Anyway enough about the F1’s because I am now moving on to the ICC World Cup and THEIR Television rights. I have counted up that a grand total of 8 games (not including the wash out for the Australia vs Bangladesh game) out of the 49 games in the World Cup, were on Channel Nine and only one match out the 8 televised on free to air, didn’t have Australia in it (New Zealand vs South Africa 1st semi final). It’s not fair for all the people from other Cricket playing nations living in Australia wanting to watch their country play, can’t, unless they have Foxtel or go to all their games!

And now last but not least the footy. To tell the truth it’s not too bad. Normally they have three games on Channel Seven, which are: Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday afternoon but sometimes they sneak in a delayed Saturday game too. But I find some of it a bit silly, that they sometimes show worthless bottom of the ladder games instead of maybe the Adelaide showdown. The cellar dweller games should be on Foxtel instead of big showdowns or top 8 clashes. But anyway hopefully they don’t do that this season.

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