Macleod v Fitzroy Under 9-S: Skilful kids put on a show at Macleod Park

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The sun was shining as the Fitzroy football club travelled to Macleod Park. I was Captain and Gus was my partner in crime! Macleod won the toss. We chose heads and they chose tails. We all got into our positions and the first quarter began.

Our team mates Johnny and Oliver had to go on the other team for a quarter. Macleod kicked away getting the first three goals in a row. Fitzroy managed to make a huge comeback to get the next two goals in a row. Meg and Olive played a huge roll in moving the ball around for Fitzroy. First quarter ended and Fitzroy wanted to keep playing.

2nd quarter started and Fitzroy go off to a great start and kicked 2 goals in a row. The wind took control of the ball but both sides tried really hard to keep the momentum up.

At half time Keli encouraged us to keep trying and to man up.

3rd quarter started and we were awesome. We worked our way through the midfield and dominated in the forward line. The whole team worked so well together but Luke, Josh, Leeroy and Matt really stood out to me. I was on the bench for the 3rd quarter and couldn’t wait to get back with my team!

4th quarter started and we were off again. Macleod were really hungry for the ball but so were we. The wind came back and it was trying to win the ball!

Thanks to Olive who smothered the ball to stop a goal with her hands. The stand out play was Theo in the last few minutes of the 4th quarter who managed to win the ball over right in front of the goals and wouldn’t you know it the goal posts moved an hit the ball! Never mind Theo. You were awesome and so were the whole team.

It is really good to see that we are all playing well together and everyone gets a chance to shine!

Let’s keep up the great team work and keep making Keli proud of us.

GREAT JOB ROYS!!!!!!!!!!!

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