Making my Etihad Stadium debut

By Kadin Holloway

It felt good to run on Etihad stadium with over one thousand people. And when I ran on to the field but it is only a quarter of the field not the whole field!!!! I could see my Mum and Dad with over one thousand people.

I felt a little nervous when I was walking out on the field. When I got tackled by a few people I was like far out because I specifically heard the coach say, no tackling so we lost of course. I told the umpire because they were tackling me but she still said it was the other teams ball. This happened a few times so I was frustrated and my team mates did not give me the ball when I called there name I hardly knew anybody. There was a tall girl and we did ball up and I had to jump up just to get to her normal size. So of course she always got the ball and that’s how we lost. So at the end I was giving hi fives until we went into the parking lot, so then I told the coach about the tackling problem but he just ignored me.

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