Merri Creek Primary School: All About Rex at the Beach (by Lincoln)



When I was 3 (in 2010), I went to the beach with my mum, dad, Rex (the dog), meme, pepe (in France meme and pepe means grandma and grandpa), auntie, uncle and me.


It was fun, Rex was running to get my orange Frisbee, and when he got it he was basically played tug of war with my dad, and to be honest with you it was funny because when my dad tried to pull it back Rex growled, it made me laugh a lot.  I also laughed when Rex went in the water with the Frisbee in his mouth and when he came out he shakes a lot and it was cute.


We went on a walk on the beach, and I kid you not, there was a spider that was white with orange legs, spikes and eyes, which is insane don’t you agree? Plus, it was on a stick in the sand it scared me but now I think it is really cool. I never heard of it or seen it before so it scared me, but remember I was only 3 years old. On the walk, Rex was chasing seagulls and honestly that was really funny to me but not for the seagulls.


I can’t remember exactly if it happened but I think on the beach a seagull pooped in my auntie’s mouth and I said I can’t remember exactly because I was 3 years old and it must have been disgusting for my auntie. I made a sand castle with my dad, but when I was making it Rex decided to jump on it and he licked me on the face and I laughed when he did it, I was fine with it, he’s a dog that is what dogs do.


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