Merri Creek Primary School: Kyoto, Japan (by Rupert P)


Every few years I go to Japan for my mum’s work and for a bit of fun. In 2016 I went to Japan with my mum and grandma and it was crazy. I had to get up and 4 in the morning and we had to rush to the airport and quickly get on the plane. When we got there, we realized the flight was late and we had to wait an hour so we and some time to breath, but after an hour we looked at the billboard and it said it was leaving at five in the afternoon. And it was only eight in the morning, WHAT? Jetstar gave us a 20$ gift card to spend and I got a book and a nice stir-fry dish of noodles. Finally we took off and four hours later we landed in Cairns, and we stayed there for about 1 hour and then left for Japan.


We landed in Kansi airport at about 2:30 in the morning and because we had to wait for the first train which was at 5:00 so we explored the airport and got some food. We hopped on the train and when to Kyoto so we could go to the hotel and have a sleep. Over the next few day we went on very long walks and ate amazing food. We went shopping in a really big shopping mall and bought a lot of stuff for all of us, I got headphones. The hilarious thing was after we came out from the shopping mall we were completely lost and had nowhere to go, we were going from bus to bus to see if it was our bus but we could not find it. Finally, after an hour of searching we found our bus.


We went on an amazing walk called Fushimi inari-taisha. It was crazy cool and there were hundreds of these red archers over the wall that acted like a tunnel. When going on all these long walks my grandma was always about 5 meters behind us and we always told her to hurry up. Another thing was that I always walked in front of my grandma and almost tripped her up. The best thing that I did was eat ramen in an amazing place which was very small and only could fit about ten people. Other things that we did, we went to a very long walk to the waterfall that was steep and I was very tired. I was always really tried at the end of every day.


We stayed in a house that was very small and nice and it was very beautiful. I also had a great time taking lots of photos on my iPad of beautiful leaves and other cool pictures. We also went to sushi train were a train goes around and you pick up what you want and there was sashimi and lots of yummy chicken and other great stuff. We meet this guy in the Airbnb we were staying that lived in Richmond Melbourne and he was very nice. Overall I loved Japan, the food, the people and house and I can’t wait to go back again for the sixth time.


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