Merri Creek Primary School: My Bad Airplane Experience (by Bruno)

Hi I’m Bruno and I’m going to tell you about my horrible airplane experience. I was nine years old when this terrifying airplane experience happened. I was in Brasilia to visit my cousins and my aunt and uncle. When we had spent two weeks there it was time to go. I said bye to everyone, and it was just me and my mum onboard the plane. When the plane was ready it took off, but my mum wasn’t really happy with the takeoff. She said the plane tilted from side to side and she declared the plane was not going to make it onto the runway because every Brazilian knows that the airport in São Paulo is really tiny. In the past the city wasn’t that big so they put the airport there but now the city is like Jasmin routs running right through the airport. Now the airport isn’t that safe, it’s even got a building in front of the runway.


After one hour into the flight we had lunch as the plane started to land. It was going down quickly and we already could see Campinas, a neighboring city of São Paulo. We kept going and before you knew it we could see our destination São Paulo. The plane got speedy and fast it came down like 100 tons of ninja turtles. A few minutes later the plane was close to its destination and we could hear the wheels coming out of the plane. Finally, we could already see the tiny people walking, running or busy shopping.   My mum and I were getting excited to see my family again in São Paulo, and I even had goosebumps on my fingertips. So on we went, approaching the runway but my mum said it was going too fast and in the distance she could see the building in front of us. I didn’t believe her but when we touched down I didn’t expect it but the plane hit the ground with its humongous velocity and took off again like a rocket.


The captain said that there was too much wind and the plane wasn’t able to land. I didn’t believe him because there was no wind. I was in shock with so much adrenaline in my body thinking of all the worst things that could happen to the plane while we circled majestically across the vast city and beaches of São Paulo. We were flying for an hour waiting for a space for us to land and finally we were approaching the runway again but much slower. Everyone was praying in the plane and we came in and landed on the earth of São Paulo, and I thought how good it felt back home in Brasilia. We got out and I felt nausea from so much adrenaline that I experienced, but as soon as I was back at my house in São Paolo I felt good again. And that’s my story about my bad airplane experience.


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