Merri Creek Primary School: My Big Fall (by Meg O)


I was in Canada with my family, we went there for three things: family, ski-ing and lollies. The snow was great, it was softer than a pillow but harder than a cloud. Let’s just say is was magnificent. We were there for two weeks and in the second week we ski-ed every single day. I liked it, it was a lot of fun. Some people said that it was the best snow season they’d had in 50 years.  My favorite run was the Larch because it was steep. Then one day I was with my mum and my brother and we were ski-ing the Larch and the night before it had snowed 200cm. When we were on the chairlift my mum said that we would do this run and then we would head in to the café. Seeing that it was early in the morning no one had been on the run yet so, that meant that we got to carve some fresh snow. My big brother took this short cut that had a lot of snow that no one had been on and it took you right to the lodge and I thought it would be fun, so I followed my brother. My brother went straight through with no hesitation then it was my turn. When I hit the snow it was so deep that I lost sight of my skis. Then I panicked and waved my arms in the air then I face planted. When my face hit the snow it didn’t hurt so instead of crying I laughed. Then my mum skied over and asked if I was ok but I didn’t answer her because I was laughing. Finally I got up and ski-ed over to the lodge for fries and a hot chocolate, for the rest of the day I had a very cold face but, a full tummy.


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