Merri Creek Primary School – My Passion: Netball (Anika)



by Anika


Every time a netball game was on the TV I usually watched it. I love how the players could move so quickly on the court and catch any throw.

A few months later my mum got a text from Polly’s mum asking if I wanted to do netball training with her and Matilda, Tepa and Lucy. Of course I said yes because I’ve been wanting to try netball for ages and ages.

I loved training a lot but I went to training I looked at the team that played games and I really wanted to play games. A few weeks later me and a few others got split from the group I usually go with. One of my coaches Olivia told us that we were the new team and I was really excited.

Later I remembered that I have gym on around the same time that the netball games are and I was devastated. That night I decided that I wanted to quit gym to play the netball games and I did and it was so amazing even though we didn’t win our first match.

I go for the Melbourne Vixens and my favourite player is Kate Moloney and my favourite position is centre



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  1. Hi Anika. Nice piece. Have you been to see the Vixens?

    PS You talk a lot more than you write.

  2. I like how you watch sport shows, I don’t.

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