Merri Creek Primary School – My Passion: NRL (Asher)




by Asher Mckenzie


My passion is rugby league. My earliest memory of the sport are when my great grandad Carl showed me a game that was St George Illawarra Dragons versus Melbourne Storm, which became my team. My passion for the sport started later down the track. When Carl died it made me very sad so I would occasionally check the score and think about my great grandad. At the start of the 2018 season I began to follow the Melbourne Storm for real.

The way I learned the sport was looking up the rules and positions on the internet. I once played with my friend but he was not very interested. After that I sometimes practised outside on my own and twice with my brother. Whenever my team plays I either watch it or just check the score after the match ends and during it.

My team from the NRL is Melbourne Storm as you already know. I also enjoy supporting the Australian national team the Kangaroos. My team from the State of Origin is Queensland.

My favorite players are Billy Slater because he is the greatest fullback, Cameron Smith because he almost always scores a conversion when a try is scored, and Cameron Munster because he either opens the door to a try or just scores it himself. I really love the feeling when my teams score a try because it’s common but not as common as a goal in AFL but not as uncommon as a goal in soccer so it feels great.

The position that I would like to play in is fullback because my favorite player, Billy Slater played in that position and you are closest to the try line.

A funny memory of rugby league was when I once was watching my team play and they scored a try and I jumped up and spilled water all over the carpet. One of my only memories of my great grandad Carl was when he showed me a rugby league match between Melbourne and St. George Illawarra. I think my favorite match in the 2018 Telstra Premiership was Round 20 Melbourne Storm v Canberra Raiders because it was my first ever NRL match that I have gone to.

I think now you know what my passion is and why it is my passion I hope you enjoyed reading.




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