Merri Creek Primary School – My Passion: Soccer (Anna)



by Anna Harms


I got into soccer because Evie played on Saturday and Theo went to taekwondo. They were both on at the same time so I had to do one or the other. It didn’t matter which one I went to, they were both boring.


So it was a normal Saturday and I had to choose between Theo and Evie. I had chosen to go with Mum and Theo but Dad suggested to go with him. I didn’t want to so I walked out with Mum. As expected, Dad made me go with him.


When we got there Evie lined up, then ran onto the field but then Dad said I should play too. Straight away I said no! But he convinced me. So I got my water bottle and joined the girls.


Now every Saturday I go to soccer practice from 10:30-12:00 in the morning. Normally we play octopus, which is where someone is in the middle and you have to try and dribble your ball across the pitch without getting it kicked away from you. We also play number soccer which is where you get a number by the coach, then the coach says a number. If she says your number then you have to run out into the middle of the field and there are 2 teams so 2 people will run out. Then you have to try and score a goal against them.


I like it because when you score a goal you feel great and it is fun because you can run around and play with your friends. It is also good exercise, and I feel good when I have the ball on my feet. I have gotten better every time I go there.


At the end of the practice we play a short match, the first time I played my team lost. But I didn’t care because it was still fun. We also get a soccer uniform. When I got mine I felt I was ready to play. Now from something I thought was boring is actually really fun and I love it.


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  1. Always give it a go.

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