Merri Creek Primary School – My Passion: Swimming (Mary)




by Mary Caldwell

When I was about one-year-old my mum and dad got me a spot at the North Fitzroy swimming pool. Sometimes my mum took me and sometimes my dad. I kept trying and I got better and better. I tried hard. When I was three I started swimming by myself. Then when school was a year away I stopped swimming. A year went by with no swimming. Eventually a spot appeared at the Northcote swimming pool so we took it. At this stage I was swimming laps in a deeper pool. I moved up and got better. Last year my grandma and grandpa moved to Torquay. Every summer holidays me and my family go to Torquay.  I now discovered that I like swimming in the open water. Last summer I did a water survival lesson that was a fun new experience. I really like swimming because I love the flow of water as it washes over me.

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