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Why I Love Music

by Mia Shub


I was five years of age, playing with my toys when my mum called for me so I came over and sat on her lap. That’s when it all started. Two weeks later I had my first piano lesson. The moment I felt the keys I loved it. It was beautiful. About a year and a half later I had to stop piano lessons. I was devastated! The next teacher I had was a father from my school called Simon Lewis. He was a wonderful teacher and he taught me for six months’ tops. After that my mum decided that she wanted me to have lessons at home so we didn’t have to rush out of the house. My next teacher was a lady called Eva and she taught me for about eight months then sadly she had to stop teaching me because she had to stay home with her child. My current teacher is a wonderful lady called Sally who has been teaching me for two months. She is my grandma’s Pilates teacher. My grandma suggested her to my mum because she is in a band, plays several instruments and has produced a few CDs.

I love piano because of what you can do just playing around.

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